Plant RoomSystem Service details

Why do you need a boiler service?

The efficiency of your biomass boiler system requires that it is maintained in optimum working order. Our factory-trained engineers can carry out the required maintenance operations to help ensure this. This letter describes a scheduled service agreement between Charming Stoves Ltd and yourselves.

We all know what it’s like to be let down by an appliance in your house. It could be something simple, but if a major appliance like your boiler breaks down when you most need it, it’s not only inconvenient but it can be a major hassle

Save Money

to sort out. That’s why we offer a range of maintenance plans, designed to cover different needs and to give peace of mind.

Why do you need a boiler service? Just like a cars, boilers tend to develop faults and breakdown when they are not

maintained and serviced. You’ll know how much you rely on a boiler when it breaks down. Even during the summer

a boiler heats hot water.

If your boiler does break down – we’re here to help. But remember, it doesn’t have to be left

until it breaks down, you can get a boiler service.

Boiler servicing increases efficiency and prevents breakdowns

We offer a complete and thorough boiler service. We can also include cleaning of the flue/chimney, and plant room service. By carrying out an annual boiler maintenance plan you can help ensure that not only is your boiler running at its most efficient, but that it’s less likely to breakdown. It also extends the working life of the boiler, all of this results in lower fuel bills.


Service Work

What’s involved in a boiler service?

  1. Controls, components and the boiler itself is checked for safety, wear and tear
  2. Vital parts are cleaned to improve combustion and therefore improve combustion efficiency.
  3. All boilers should be serviced in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions
  4. Flue/Chimney clean
  5. Plant room service – if included: Pumps, Strainers, Air/dirt Separators & Water quality

Service plans are vital to the smooth running and performance of any system. We offer comprehensive Biomass maintenance and servicing contracts with an ongoing commitment to ensuring the system operates efficiently and at its optimum performance.

Evidence of a suitably maintained system is a requirement for eligibility under the RHI scheme.

Our Service Team provides service and maintenance to a variety of biomass installations across the UK. They have years of experience in the biomass industry, enabling us to provide an outstanding maintenance service.

We can provide service and maintenance for your system tailored to you at a highly competitive rate.


With the right servicing and maintenance, your heating system should give you many years of energy efficient operation. If you are claiming the Renewable Heat Incentive, it will be in your interest to keep your system running at its optimal efficiency.

Rural Heat has extensive experience of maintaining biomass boilers and problem diagnosis achieving maximum efficiency levels for our customers. As well as offering different service packages Rural Heat can also offer:

Remote Monitoring
Many state-of-the-art biomass boilers come with a remote monitoring option. In the event a problem occurs, we can check boiler operation remotely and change certain settings if required.

Telephone Support
Some problems can be resolved over the phone saving the cost of a call-out, particularly if you have a remote monitoring facility.

Chemical Flushing
Radiator systems can get clogged up with sludge over time. We offer a flushing service to ensure your radiator system is running efficiently.