We can service and maintain all makes of biomass boilers. Please call for information

Biomass heating has progressed well in the last two decades

We have installed biomass heating boilers for over 8 years providing low cost, efficient heating to homes throughout the south. Biomass boilers generally burn either wood chip, wood pellets or logs, or in the case of dual fuel boilers, both logs and pellets, all are carbon neutral.

A Biomass boiler can range in size and output but are surprisingly unobtrusive and highly efficient.

At Charming Stoves we provide the complete heating system installation and we regularly install district schemes. All installations have a dedicated and named Project Manager to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Our Biomass Services

We cover all aspects of biomass installation, servicing and maintenance.

Charming Stoves not tied to a specific brand or product, we’re able to take a flexible approach to your requirements. We design, install and maintain a biomass system that’s right for your specific needs and know you’ll enjoy the personal touch that our team at Charming Stoves offer. Your project will be looked after from start to finish we will always be on hand to explain why, how and what’s being done.

Proposals and Surveying

Initially we will provide a free survey of your premises to develop an understanding of your requirements and the feasibility of a system. We will provide a no-obligation quotation covering the system recommended, the energy benefits and the expected installation costs and saving.


We will provide full installation services of the biomass system and connection to the existing systems (or removal of a previous system) on completion the installation work will be inspected to regulatory standards and all work is fully signed off.

Maintenance and Servicing

Charming Stoves can provide regular servicing, maintenance and biomass boiler repairs as required. We can provide maintenance and servicing on all  installations regardless of whether we have installed them.

Our Engineers can provide the following services including but not limited to;

  • Biomass boiler servicing – all manufacturers
  • Spares – we can source spares for any biomass boiler
  • Contact us Today to Request a Free Consultation or to Request a Quote

Woodchip: a sustainable biomass fuel

Where locations are favourable, woodchip boiler systems are the preferred type of biomass installation. Woodchips are usually used to heat large commercial spaces, larger buildings or groups of houses. Woodchip typically requires more space both for fuel storage ad delivery access.

  • Cheapest form of wood fuel, costing 1.5p – 3.5p to generate 1 kWh of heat, compared to 6p for oil or LPG.
  • Automated handling and feeding of the fuel to the boiler, minimising manual labour.
  • Woodchips are particularly efficient when they are sourced from woodlands near to the point of end use because it minimises handling and processing.
  • Readily available from increasingly large number of suppliers. Contractors can also chip your wood fuel if you have supplies.

Wood pellet: a sustainable biomass fuel

Wood pellets are produced from sawdust as a by-product of sawmills, as well as being processed from other sustainable sources. They are widely available throughout the UK.

Wood pellets are more suited for domestic systems or larger commercial heating systems of over 100kW when space is limited or where it is too expensive to build a store for woodchip. Pellet systems are a more expensive means of generating heat, 4–5p per kWh compared to 1.5–3.5p kWh for wood chip.

Benefits of wood pellets

  • Smaller stores because wood pellets are much denser: a cubic metre of wood pellets contains up to three times the energy of a cubic metre of wood chip.
  • Pellets flow freely and can be transferred to fuel stores easily, reducing the capital cost of the fuel store.
  • Fewer access requirements for delivery vehicles as deliveries are made in smaller vehicles similar size to those used for oil and LPG deliveries.
  • Allow for the automated handling and feeding of the fuel to the biomass boiler, minimising the need for manual intervention.

Other biomass fuels: miscanthus and waste woods

Miscanthus (commonly known as Elephant Grass) and waste woods such as timber can be used as biomass fuels.

Miscanthus is a bamboo- like energy crop which grows over 3 metres tall. The use of miscanthus is growing in the biomass industry as it is widely available, affordable and fast growing, with a low mineral content.
Waste woods arises from a wide variety of sources, in varying quantities and levels of purity. Burning such wood is particularly beneficial to those who want to make use of such woods on thier property. Waste wood can help to diversify fuel sources away from over reliance on clean wood.

Benefits of miscanthus and waste woods

  • High yielding
  • Large fuel cost savings – up to 60% compared to oil
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Increases wildlife biodiversity
  • Long lifespan

Benefits of Biomass

Biomass is one of the most efficient systems for producing energy and heat in a home. The key benefits are;

Reduced Energy Costs

Save Money

Biomass boilers generally burn either wood chip, wood pellets or logs, or in the case of dual fuel boilers, both logs and pellets. These are cheaply available both to directly purchase or to harvest yourself. The low cost of fuel compared to traditional power means you can save 50-80% of your fuel bill.

Carbon Neutral


Wood based fuel is carbon neutral as all the carbon dioxide taken in by vegetation as it grows is released when burnt. This makes wood fuel one of the most environmentally friendly fuel sources available.

RHI Eligible

Save Money

Biomass boiler installations will often qualify for renewable heat incentive payments meaning you are guaranteed an income from your biomass boiler. We can guide you through and complete the applications where necessary.