Charming Stoves a Leading Biomass Supplier:

We Can Supply & Install boilers from all major biomass boiler companies


Woodpecker Energy is a leading UK manufacturer and distributor of wood biomass boilers.
Specialising in supplying high efficiency automatic pellet and chip fuelled biomass boilers throughout the UK





Warmth you can rely on heating your home or business


Windhager manufactured and developed in Austria to the strictest of quality control processes and using only high quality materials. Windhager products constantly delivery durability, reliability and efficiency.of our boilers will work for you






Our range of Herz boilers are ideal for commercial premises. Herz biomass boilers are Renewable Heat Incentive eligible and offer small footprints saving valuable floor space with user-friendly monitoring technology




Rural Heat & Charming Stoves have an incredible pellet boiler the Optimum IQ with the benefit of the highest product quality and the most advanced technology. They offer experience and know-how that only evolves over decades of working with biomass systems in the cutting edge business.





Advanced, Low Pollution Biomass Boilers; HETAS Approved & RHI Compliant A European leader in biomass heating products, Strebel offers a range of highly efficient log boilers, wood pellet boilers and wood chip boilers along with heat stores and fuel storage options





Hoval Ltd based in Nottingham are the UK arm of the Hoval Group Liechtenstein. Hoval is internationally regarded and recognised and they are the innovator in the field of commercial heating and ventilation






KWB offer individual solutions for heating with wood or pellet. For a refurbishment, a new build, a farm or a business.
KWB have the pellet heating, the wood chip boiler or the log boiler that will fit you requirement.





Gilles were founded in 1992, they became the first manufacturer of a biomass heating systems to be honoured the Austrian eco-mark. Giles were awarded by the Upper Austria state a coat-of-arms for product and industry achievement.




The KOSTRZEWA’s has spent a long time to create a user-friendly product which has now hit the market running.





Biokompakt biomass heating with wood chips, wood pellets, wood briquettes, sawdust, joinery waste, coarse wood chips, grass pellets, grass briquettes. Includes cherry, plum, olive kernels, corn or corn cobs, leaves pellets.  Other leave briquette press cake pellets and other biomass fuels more.







Schmid energy solutions is a Swiss family business, which is dealing with energy issues for over 75 years and employs around 300 people. Schmid have evolved to become an international specialist and manufacturer of systems for biomass energy. Nowadays, Schmid energy solutions is one of the leading companies in the industry worldwide





KSM are always prepared to manufacture exactly the stoker to suit your needs.  All KSM’S come with a very long life and a 5 year warranty.






Leading Manufacturer Viessmann offer biomass boilers, industrial power systems and cooling solutions. Viessmann is your solution provider in all areas. The Viessmann Group is an internationally leading boiler manufacturer and manufacturer of systems for industrial energy and cooling.





Twinheat A/S is a 100% a Danish company with great customer service. They began developing biofuel & biomass burner systems as an alternative to oil. Twinheat established a wide product line leading various biofuel systems and fully automated and integrated silo systems.





Talbotts offer a comprehensive range of biomass & wood waste to energy solutions with all units manufactured to a high standard at our Midlands, UK based factory. We pride ourselves on offering robust biomass & wood waste boilers or air heating systems.