Heating Solutions:

We offer Quality & Competitive products

Our district heat solutions represent a highly competitive installation without compromising on quality. Giving clients the benefit of long term reliability. We offer full support and a project specific design and product specification to ensure we always deliver best value.

Charming Stoves district heat products are the highest quality from Rehau which are the best available within the marketplace. This Heat Main is installed by our own Rehau trained staff along with our own specialist tools and equipment. With Charming Stoves you can ensure quality and reliability of our installations.

Charming Stoves are approved & recommended Rehau installers and Suppliers.

District heating is becoming increasingly popular, and not just with new build developments. The cost savings district heating will create make it one of the most efficient heating solutions.

District heating uses a centralised boiler to provide heat to many buildings using pre-insulated heat main to deliver heat to individual locations or properties.

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Fuel Cost

Save Money

District heating schemes create fuel cost savings of 50-80% against traditional fossil fuel energy providers. This means that over time the scheme will more than pay for itself – creating long term value in any district.

Environmental Benefits


Biomass in general reduces CO2 emissions by 96% compared to fossil fuels. This makes the schemes incredibly emission friendly.

Renewable Heat Incentive

Save Money

The government backed renewable heat incentive means that you can receive incentive annual payments from the government for using alternative heat sources. These payments help you reclaim back a portion of the costs of your system each year. We can complete RHI applications on your behalf to save you time and hassle.



District heating schemes can be install with a wide degree of flexibility from scales as low as 50kw and up to 400kw. Groups of homes can have a system that is very carefully tailored to the actual requirements of the area.