Chilli Eighty Ate “88”

The Chilli “88” is an amazing 8kW stove with an oven box on the top and an log plinth underneath. This well designed stove has convection panels on both sides which helps move warm air around the stove and into the room, an optional available for this stove is a stainless steel top plate.

The “88” will give you everything you need to heat your room, it provides you food and hot drinks, somewhere to store your logs and lastly it’s has a large window to watch your fire burning.

This Penguin Eighty Ate is a true workhorse and will work for it’s living, it’s strong, it’s hot, it’s got muscle and it cooks.

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Chilli Penguin

Why buy a from us

Buying a Chilli Penguin stove through Rural Heat, you are buying a quality, exceptionally efficient, made to order, top of the range, high performance, British designed and manufactured product with full back-up and aftercare service available from both Chilli Penguin & Rural Heat.

The aim at Chilli Penguin is simply to do what they do really well. They are small company, they do not mass produce. Chilli Penguin stoves are made to order; they know every single stove that goes out of our door.

With a Chilli Penguin Stove; all products are made to completely satisfy the most demanding needs of our customers;  right down from the stove itself to the last nut and bolt.

A big majority have received a personal recommendation from another customer about the service they have received from us. We are proud of the fact that we sell a lot of stoves to customers through their carefully selected outlets like Rural Heat.


Technical specification for Eighty Ate “88”

Nominal output 8kW                                                 Flue size require 150mm
Flue collar diameter 127mm                                     Flue size with smoke control kit Min 127mm
Efficiency (wood) 81%                                               Outlet Top or rear exit standard

Overall Sizes                                                            Internal Oven dimensions
Height 1115mm                                                           H210mm
width 650mm                                                              W440mm
depth 355mm                                                              D223mm

Distances to combustibles (min)                   Distances to non- combustibles ** (min)
Side 350mm                                                                 Side 100mm
Rear 350mm                                                                Rear 50mm
Above 550mm                                                             Above 200mm

*smoke control kit included yes                      Max Log Length  430mm