Chilli Hungry Penguin

The original Chilli Penguin, the one that started the company. It began life as the Standard Penguin but we realised that there is nothing standard about it! This stove does it all, it keeps you warm, cooks your dinner, makes you tea and if you’ve got a boiler model it will heat your bath for you as well.
The small oven box is able to reach a max temperature of 300 degrees C. It can tick away nicely between 140 -180 degrees C and you can boil a kettle of water on the hotplate. It is a different experience to cooking with plug in power, but you’re off grid and the stoves on anyway! For more information and recipes see the cooking with a penguin stove page.
Ideal for canal boats, studios and anyone who doesn’t want to be reliant on mains gas and electricity. If you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint or your fuel bill being able to heat and cook from the same fuel load makes a lot of sense.

Available Options
Plinth 5 Kw plinth – £199.00
Boiler (1.4kW) – £252.00
Colour Option £60.00

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Chilli Penguin

Why buy a from us

Buying a Chilli Penguin stove through Charming Stoves, you are buying a quality, exceptionally efficient, made to order, top of the range, high performance, British designed and manufactured product with full back-up and aftercare service available from both Chilli Penguin & Charming Stoves.

The aim at Chilli Penguin is simply to do what they do really well. They are small company, they do not mass produce. Chilli Penguin stoves are made to order; they know every single stove that goes out of our door.

With a Chilli Penguin Stove; all products are made to completely satisfy the most demanding needs of our customers;  right down from the stove itself to the last nut and bolt.

A big majority have received a personal recommendation from another customer about the service they have received from us. We are proud of the fact that we sell a lot of stoves to customers through their carefully selected outlets like Charming Stoves.

Output: 5kW
Overall Size : Height 683mm x Width 380mm x Depth 355mm
Oven size : Width 250mm x Depth 220mm x Height 100mm
Efficiency (wood) 78% Efficiency (coal) 82%
Multi-fuel: yes
Rear flue option yes
Colours: yes
Optional Boiler : 1.4kw
Flue diameter : 127mm

Additional information

Weight100 kg
Dimensions1200 x 800 x 900 mm

Stove weight, Charming Stoves

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