Vitreous enamelled connecting flue pipe

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Enamel Premium is the innovative evolution of the vitreous connecting flue pipe using modern engineering design principles, combined with «state of the art» manufacturing process. This provides the optimum solution for connecting flue pipes.

Enamel Premium range is seam-welded with a high quality enamel coating, with a minimum of two coats. Without the socket, it provides the best aesthetic appearance.

The unique male/female spigot connection requires “no fixings and no fire-cement/sealant” and makes it possible to rotate elements 360° whilst maintaining a secure, quick and easy installation.

It is available in 5 diameters (Ø100, Ø130, Ø150, Ø180 & Ø200) and can be supplied in 5 colours (Matt Black, Matt Grey, Gloss White, Gloss Brown and Gloss Black. It can also be over-painted with a high temperature stove paint to match the colour of your heating appliance.

To complement this range, you can order and install a Ventilated Cover Pipe. This allows a reduced clearance from combustible material of only one diameter away from the pipe.

All of the products offered by Cheminées Poujoulat have been rigorously tested in every configuration by the CERIC Laboratory to ensure they meet highest standards (Building Regulation Document J Amendements to Approved Documents).

CE marking: 407-CPD-007

Designation: T600 N1 D Vm L80050 G(xx)

Note: G(xx) = 3 x diameter of pipe declared

Please note that discounts are available on any full system
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  • Wide range of accessories i.e. Lengths, Elbows, Tees, Cleaning access components
  • A pleasing, quality, aesthetic appearance
  • No need for fire-cement or fixings
  • Very high resistance to scratching
  • Very high resistance to high temperature, acid & tar
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Exceptional value

Technical Data

Max. Temperature limitation: 600°C

Male/female spigot: Each component is constructed with a push fit “GASTOP®” Spigot joint tested N1. The female end can be easily cut to provide the exact length you require with no additional components needed.





Note: The Matt Black and Grey finishes are perfect for over-painting with high temperature stove paint.

Technical features

Ø (in mm)







Thickness (in mm)0.7
Wall materialSeam-welded steel with a minimum of 2 enamel coating

Adaptor to chimney systems


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To comply with building regulations, our range of vitreous enamel is used as a connecting flue pipe from the appliance to the chimney and must only be used in the room where the appliance is installed. It should not pass through any roof space, partition, internal wall or floor, except to pass directly into a chimney through either the wall of the chimney or a floor supporting the chimney. This is also a HETAS requirement to pass inspection.

It is recommended that a vertical rise of 600mm should be included, immediately above the appliance before any change of direction.

It is recommended that you install an inspection & cleaning door to ensure the chimney can be swept without having to pass cleaning equipment through the appliance.

If bends are needed, then no part of a flue pipe should form an angle greater than 45 degree from the vertical, except where it may be necessary to use a very short horizontal section, not exceeding 150mm, of flue to connect the flue pipe to a rear outlet appliance. A maximum of 4 bends (2 offsets) is permitted in a system. (Where 2 offsets are incorporated, consideration needs to be given to suitable cleaning access and sufficient draught must be provided to meet the stove requirements).

Distance to combustible materials

Distances from combustible materials must be 3 times the diameter of the flue pipe e.g. 150mm id = 450mm clearance from combustible.

Distances from non-combustible shield (not tested) must be 1.5 times the diameter of the flue pipe e.g. 150mm id = 225mm clearance from non-combustible shield (a 12mm air space must be provided to the shield).

You can achieve a clearance of 1 diameter using the “Ventilated Cover Pipe”(Tested to EN1856) e.g. 150mm id = 150mm clearance from combustible material.

Technical support

Our Technical team will provide you a full thermal and structural design and produce working CAD drawings, all fully compliant with British and European Standards please contact office@charmingstoves.co.uk