Pre-fabricated mono-pitch chimney stack

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The Ascentor models are a working chimney inside an aesthetic stack. Available in many models and different finishes meeting the demands of your project and environment.

Available as square or rectangular, with a various range of finishes ( brickslip, roughcast, smoothcoat), our Ascentor Chimney Stack comes complete with a pre-installed section of Therminox ZI twin wall insulated chimney system. Our twin wall insulated system chimney is CE marked and designated as suitable for use with all gas, oil, pellet and wood burning appliances. Complete with a comprehensive range of standard accessories to suit all applications. It is ideally suited for operating temperature up to 450°C and comes with a 10 year Axa backed guarantee.

Our range of pre-fabricated chimney stacks can generally be installed in less than an hour without the need of any structural work to the roof trusses. The chimney stack unit is lightweight and is easily man handled into position without the need of heavy lifting equipment or carnage.

To ensure a weather tight roof, our chimney stacks come complete with a designed flashing suitable for most of the roofing materials and roof pitches.

All of the products offered by Cheminées Poujoulat have been rigorously tested in every configuration by the CERIC Laboratory to ensure they meet highest standards (Building Regulation Document JAmendements to Approved Documents).

CE marking: 0071-CPD-0011 Designation: T450 N1 W V2 L50040 G50 – T250 N1 W V2 L500040 O20 – T200 P1 W V2 L50040 020 (with Joint Seals)

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The Ascentor chimney stack is available in many colours and sizes

  • Wide range of finishes available
  • High quality material
  • Aesthetically pleasing look.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Easily meets regulation requirements

Max. Temperature limitation:
– Soot fire tested at 1000°C
– Operating temperature 450°C
– 4 hours fire rated to BS 476-20

Flue Insulation: High pressure injected mineral wool 30mm thick.



Models :
Square Models

Model referencesTCP –STCP – GTCP -TG
Section (in mm)370 x 370370 x 370

370 x 370

Back Height (H)
For 45° pitched roof
800 mm1160 mm

1460 mm

Fonctionnement950 mm1150 mm

1400 mm

Rectangular Models

Model referencesTCP –STCP – GTCP -TG
Section (in mm)575 x 400575 x 400

575 x 400

Back Height (H)
For 45° pitched roof
800 mm1160 mm

1460 mm

Fonctionnement950 mm1150 mm

1400 mm






Technical features (flue)

Inner Ø (in mm)130150180200250
Outer Ø (in mm)194214244264


Insulation30 mm

High pressure injected mineral wool (130kg/m3)


Inner wall: AISI 316L stainless steel – Thickness: 0.4 mm
Outer wall: Aluzinc – Thickness: 0.4 mm

Thermal Resistance (m2 K/W)