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Single Wall is a laser welded single wall stainless steel flue pipe. It can be used as a liner and / or a connecting flue pipe for solid fuel appliances. It comes with a 10 year Axa backed guarantee.

All of the products offered by Cheminées Poujoulat have been rigorously tested in every configuration by the CERIC Laboratory to ensure they meet highest standards (Building Regulation Document JAmendements to Approved Documents).

The Poujoulat cone to cone patented Single Wall joint provides a 50 mm depth engagement, giving excellent performance.

Every component is supplied with a Locking Band and a safety ring to guarantee that each joint are totally secured.
Single Wall can be used as a chimney system for gas & oil appliances. It also provides cascade solutions for multiple boilers. For more details refer to our Condensor Commercial Range.

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  • We offer a Wide range of accessories to meet your needs i.e. Lengths, Tees,  Adjustable Elbows, Terminals, brackets & supports
  • The Flue Lengths can be cut on site
  • High quality product
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Easily meets regulation requirements

Product overview


Max. Temperature limitation:

– Soot fire tested at 1000°C
– Operating temperature 450°C



Technical features

Inner Ø (in mm)







Outer Ø (in mm)111141161191211261
Wall materialAISI 316L stainless steel
Wall thickness

0.4 mm

0.6 mm

Note: Other diameters up to 600mm are available on request. Please refer to our Condensor Commercial Range


finishes black

Lining an existing stack

Poorly built masonry chimneys may not suitable for the evacuation of combustion gases leaving your heating appliance. This is due to it be old or too large and its tightness can’t be guaranteed when used.
Your actual installation may cause a risk of domestic fires, condensation or bad chimney draught.
It is essential, to get the best of your system chimney, using the right flexible liner, adapted, conformed and safe.

The lining principle consists of introducing this inside your existing stack. Provides a stainless steel flexible liner adapted to the evacuation combustion gases.

Technical support

Our Technical team will provide you a full thermal and structural design and produce working CAD drawings. It will be fully compliant with British and European Standards. For any technical enquiries, please e-mail: